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Wisconsin Barbell - "Strength is the base for all the activities you want to participate in...and is a great base for living a healthier, more satisfying life"  - Glen Rogers, M.S., CSCS
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Programs & Services
Wisconsin Barbell Personalized Programs

Wisconsin Barbell Bench Press

WI Barbell Sports Specific Training

Wisconsin Barbell Boxing and Kickboxing Classes

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Monthly Membership HS
& College Sports Specific

Unlimited Monday-Friday
Program & Coaching Available
(Not 1-on-1 training, interview & expectations upon entering)

1-on-1 training
at Wisconsin Barbell

Personalized programming to
reach your specific goals.

Group Sports
Performance Training

Achieve the best results possible to enhance your athletic abilities to help you succeed on the field or court. Learn how to train as an athlete and the important fundamentals in the weight room and agility training so you are prepared for High School and beyond..

Group Adult Training
Bring family or friends or join the family of Wisconsin Barbell to achieve your health, weight loss, or fitness goals.


Classes are Tuesday & Thursday
Family class: 6p-7p • Adult class: 7p-8:15p
Open boxing gym: Saturday 8a-10a
Learn important striking and blocking techniques plus focus pads, heavy bag, speed bag, and double end bag work without the contact and fear of getting hit. Professional techniques taught with a focus on conditioning.
Form your own group with friends and schedule accordingly at your convenience.

Boot Camps

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday nights 6pm-7pm or Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 5am -6am.

Morning classes will be in 8 week increments starting every 8 weeks with an assessment and end goal! Next Bootcamp Start date is October 31st. night bootcamps can be drop in and out with expectations being challenging, fun, and new exercises!

We also offer joint mobility, soft tissue quality enhancement through foam rolling and gua sha, and flexibility improvements.
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675 Industrial Ct. Unit E | Hartland, WI 53029 | Phone: (262) 442-7124 Wisconsin Barbell Facebook Profile Glen Rogers AdvocareFitness.com Twitter HolisticAdvocare.com
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